Monday, February 27, 2006

The next Winslow Township B.O.E. meeting is scheduled for Monday Feb. 27, 2006 at 7:00 in the Middle School.

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Well what a day it has been. Such sadness to the loss of some great people in our schools. All employees were wearing black in support of the layoffs. What a sad sight to see on their last day at work. But wait we do not know what to do with the bumping of jobs, says the BOE. All week the two unions were in contact with Floyd Riley to find out what was going to happen come Monday. Now he had a month to figure it out. No he waits until the last day and the last hour. Not until he was told that come Monday morning the layed off employees were going to unemployeement did he make some what a decision. All the layed off employee are to report to their old jobs on Monday. Now their were tearful goodbyes today, and I mean tearful. Money was collected to say how much we will miss them and now the BOE does not know what to do. Does anyone at the BOE know what they are doing? I think not. Us taxpayers pay these people. I thought they were well educated.
Another sad story. Today on the menu was fish, the size was a little bit bigger then a chicken nugget shaped like a fish, in schools 1-4. Somebody from the BOE called all the schools and told them that we are so strapped for money instead of giving the children 4 fish we have to cut back you are to give them 3 fish. Now the parents are thinking their child is getting a lunch that will fill them until dinner and paying for a full lunch not part of a lunch. My children buy lunch everyday and they better get the full lunch. It costs me $5.00 a day total. I don't what them to get $4.00 worth of food. The kids on free lunch well the goverment is getting riped off too. Which is my tax money so I guess I am getting ripped off twice in one day. When will this crap stop with the school board. It is scary what will happen next. We really need you support on Monday night 7:00 at the Middle School.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Winslow Schools


Sunday, February 26, 2006

On Feb. 6, Winslow school board members Pat Parker, Deborah Yanez, Krista Ventura, Robert Pupchick and Michael Robb voted to appoint Barry Wright to fill a vacancy on the school board.

Wright was defeated in the Winslow municipal election in November. During his campaign, he allegedly rode a golf cart on public roads to solicit votes -- which is illegal. Should Wright be representing our children? I think not.

Parker claimed the current recall of her position is politically motivated. Why then did she and her fellow board members appoint Wright to fill the vacancy when he has direct connections to the Democratic Party? It appears Parker has a double standard.

It is time for this board of education to do what's right for the children and put its personal and political agendas aside.


Click here for more details regarding Barry Wright and his golf cart.

Friday, February 24, 2006

UNofficially Winslow has received several emails in connection with current events pertaining to the Winslow Township Board of Education.

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Email #262 received January 23, 2006 by UNofficially Winslow Attachment to email #261 RE: Reasons for Pat Parker Recall effort.

Email #263 received January 24, 2006 by UNofficially Winslow RE: Winslow Schools, Pat Parker & Sweet 16 party.

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Email #265 received January 25, 2006 by UNofficially Winslow RE: Winslow School Layoffs.

Email #266 received January 25, 2006 by UNofficially Winslow RE: Winslow Schools & Layoffs.

Email #274 received January 27,2006 by UNofficially Winslow RE: Winslow Schools, Parker, petition and possible repercussions.

Email#287 received January29, 2006 by UNofficially Winslow RE: petition repercussions

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Email #301 received February 8, 2006 by UNofficially Winslow RE: School Programs

Email #302 received February 8, 2006 by UNofficially Winslow RE: B.O.E. Meetings, Parker, Wright, and B.O.E.

Email #303 received February 9, 2006 by UNofficially Winslow RE: "...20 bags of pot..."


January 23, 2006 Winslow faces school deficit, possible layoffs. (Pat Parker, School Board President recall matter)

January 24, 2006 Facing deficit, Winslow may cut 23 school positions

January 24, 2006 Courier-Post EditorialExplain Winslow school deficit

January 25, 2006 Winslow debates job cuts

January 26, 2006 Winslow board plugs budget gap

Thursday, February 23, 2006

UNofficially Winslow Receives Email

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Here is something else for you to look into. Last week a teacher from the Middle School was arrested for porn on his computer at school and some girls said that he touched them where his hands should not be.The police came to the school and took him. He was on the web site My Space. Why was the public not told about this? Why were parents not told? It was never in the newspaper. This was told to a BOE employee by someone at town hall. Again so many secrets.

Another thing, tomorrow the 23 employees that received their layoff notices well it is their last day. Now the board is not honoring the contract. They say there will not be any bumping of jobs. In the contract it states that you can bump by seniority so this will be a long battle. Were did the BOE get the new lawyer because he is a real jerk! I am guesting he is one of Pat Parker and Barbara Holcomb's friends. What a town we live in.
A friend of mine just moved out of Winslow to Folsom because she said there was no way her kids would go to the Middle or High schools. She called me on Friday night, she was watching the township meeting and she said that her and her husband made the right decision by moving. She could not believe the way Barbara Holcomb was acting. It is really embarrassing that other townships are watching us.

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