Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Subject:Speeches shared this week- concerning our schools.

I am proud to be a very active parent in the newly formed- but VERY productive group.....the Proud Parents of Winslow Township School Students. This group is dedicated to fighting for a great education, for ALL children, right here in Winslow. Together, we will seek out the answers to many questions that have been brought up regarding our children and the education they are receiving. We will work together with the administration, teachers and township to help bridge the gaps that have gone on for far too long. We will fight to regain a sense of responsibility to the children who are sitting in the classrooms, expecting nothing but “the best teacher in the world!” In order to reach our goals, all of the people involved with our children have GOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. That means parents, teachers, administration and the community. We will share all of the information that we gather so that parents have the knowledge necessary to navigate through our District. As our first official order of business, we attended the Township Committee meeting last night- in full force- to announce to this town we are here now and we are together and strong! We made a formal request to the Township Committee to approve the recently-defeated school budget at the full 4%. It was also announced last night that the Twp formed a sub-committee consisting of Mayor Metzner, Mr. Gallagher, Mr. Dringus, Mr. Flamini, Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Gibison. It is our understanding that this sub-committee will meet directly with the Superintendent, Business Administrator and other school board officials to negotiate an agreement that would allow us the 4% levy necessary to save School 1 and to be able to accomplish the re-grading of our 3rd and 6th grade students. We recognize that there are serious concessions that need to be made on all sides of the table. We expect the negotiations to be held in an HONEST, EFFICIENT AND RESPECTFUL manner- keeping in mind one sole focus- Our Children’s Education. I am also happy to announce that Mr. Gallagher, the Township's Administrator, has agreed to meet with us separately to discuss ideas of how the community can get more involved by working with the Proud Parents of Winslow Students. If you would like to join our group, please see one of my green-shirted friends after the meeting. Together, we CAN make great things happen for our children!