Sunday, September 05, 2010

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Subject: Board Meeting

I went to the board meeting on Sept. 1st and I just do not understand how the board members can sit up
there looking like idiots when parents get up and talk about their special needs children. They are very
very concerned about the safety of their children and very upset about the future education that the children
will be getting. It breaks my heart to see these parents so upset. I'm sure every board member have children
and to just sit there and act like nothing that Poteat and Garcia are doing is wrong is way beyond right. Do these people not have a heart? Everyday it gets worse. My neighbor was just notified that her child will have
to cross Cedarbrook Rd. to get her bus. I understand that John Gaskill who is head of transportation is doing this. Does this man have any children? Would he allow his children to cross this road by themselves? Do any
of these people know or care how busy that road is? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT PARENTS SHOULD BE ASKING THE BOARD MEMBERS!!!!!! Who will be held responsible if one of these children
gets hit? I hope it will be head of transportation and all of the board. So, will Poteat and Garcia find it funny when a child gets hurt due to the stupidness? My heart goes out to our children who have to attend these schools. They have no future in our school system as long as Poteat and Garcia are involved. How sad it is
to see that they are getting away with it. They are money hungry and our stupid board members just allow
it to keep happening.The state needs to move faster to stop these two before more damage is done. So we
now have felons from Philly cleaning our schools (if that is what you call it) that our bus drivers are going
to Philly to pick them up and bring them here and then return them to Philly. Where is the money coming from as it seems to me it is a waste but the drivers are making out very well. If money is tight where are they coming up with this extra money to pay the 3 drivers? WE AS TAXPAYERS NEED TO STOP THIS!!!!!!!
Now I hear that aides are coming from out of the township. Poteat said he would get rid of all township workers and that is exactly what he did. Right now there is no light at the end of the tunnel for us but if we
pull together and fight these two we can restore the education we once had for our children. All tax payers
MUST attend the next board meeting and voice their opinion about what Poteat,Garcia, and the board members are doing to our children. We need to pull together now.