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It has been a week since the August 4th school board meeting. I gave myself a week before writing. What an upsetting meeting AGAIN. Every school board meeting it's always the same with a different story. I wonder where McGinnis, Peterson, Benjamin and Garcia were because they were not at the meeting. So whatever the board had to vote on they were missing 3 board members votes. But it doesn't matter they vote yes for everything anyway. So who was Poteat trying to intimidate, the residents or board members with his speech. Hate to tell him the residents can't and will not be intimidated by this man. He doesn't understand we the public pay his salary, we are his boss. A woman from the NJ School Board Association talked for 1 1/2 hours to the school board for an ethics training. She was telling the board members their responsibilities to the schools and tax payers. She said it was their responsibility to try to get answers if a resident comes to them with a question or concern. Poteat was present during this training. When the training was over and the woman from the board association left Poteat said he wanted to clarify what the woman was talking about. He went on saying that if residents have concerns they are NOT to go to board members, they are to call him. That is not what the woman said. He said residents are NO longer to e-mail board members. Why did we elect these people and why do they have e-mails? What are they there for? Oh yes to cast their yes vote on important issues like laying off custodians, teacher assistants, educational aides, lunch aides, before and after school child care and breakfast aides. One hundred fifty employees last year and about 180 employees this year. Next year will be bus drivers and secretaries. The following year he wants to privatize teachers, yes his mission is to bust all unions. He also said he doesn't want the same people coming talking about the same thing they talked about at the last meeting. No one gets answers and why have a public meeting if you cant speak in public. The Special Service Director asked an Administrator if a certain child needs a one on one aide. This Administrator down right lied and said no. This child they were talking about does need an aide one on one. This child is a student at RDS. What is happening to our schools? What are they doing trying to save money when it will jeopardize the children? I have known this child for many years and he/she most definitely needs an aide all day long, in school and on the bus. All the administrators are not out for the good of the children. I can't figure out what they are out for. One of Poteat's past employment with another school district he was the Director of Special Services. Him of all people should know that you can't do what he is doing to our special sweet children in our township who didn't ask to be born not to be able to take care of themselves. Who need us aides to guide them and teach them.The bus drivers are still driving Aramark around to different schools through out the summer at $21.50 per hour plus paying Aramark. Where's the savings? I can't understand why they are taking them to the schools when the schools are so filthy that the Board of Health was called. I don't know what they are doing but I know for a fact they are not cleaning. Yes parents the Middle School where the day care and the before and after school program will be is running away with cock roaches and mold. Mold in the ceiling tiles, growing down the walls and in the floor tiles. I know my child will not go there. Bus drivers are also being paid this summer moving chairs and desks and whatever else needs to be moved at $21.50 per hour. Didn't the board vote to hire Aramark to do this? I can't even imagine what this is costing you and I. Before school was done in June bus drivers and bus aides were asked to empty the modular building next to the Middle School. Extra money for both drivers and aides. On the bids that went out for Mission One we the tax payers are paying for the bus aides to work 7 hours a day. When one of the aides went to Mission One for a job all of a sudden the hours were dropped to 4 hours per day. Would you work for $40.00 a day with no benefits, no sick days, no holidays and to top it off can't collect unemployment when the schools are closed, which is all summer, Christmas and Easter week. The wonderful school board, Garcia, stopped the unemployment. That comes to $7200.00 which will all go to pay property taxes. Who gets the 3 hours savings? Not our board but Mission One. You can find this information on the schools website under bids.Residents we need your voices at the next Township meeting on 8/17/10 at 7:30 at the municipal building on Rt73 and the School Board meeting on 8/18/10 at 7:00 at the Middle School cafeteria. Ask the school board what in the world they are doing. Poteat is doing the same to our school district that he did to Harrisburg, we have to stick together to stop Poteat and Garcia. Our property value on our homes are going down fast but our taxes are climbing. Remember we pay his salary. Make the board members accountable, they represent the tax payers. Patterson school district where he also made a mess is still to this day run by the state. Don't let this happen to our township.Township meeting 8/17/10 at 7:30 municipal building Rt73 School Board meeting 8/18/10 at 7:00 at the Middle School cafeteria, back of building.


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