Friday, August 20, 2010

UNofficially Winslow Receives E-mail

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WinslowPoteat and GarciaWell Poteat and Garcia put on another good show again at last nights school board meeting. The Mayor was talking and they had enough nerve to laugh, coming from educated adults or maybe they were laughing because they know the residents have had enough. We will get the last laugh.... I just have nothing to say about Poteat's speech. I think we have all said what we think of him and his arrogance. Yanez even lies like the rest of them saying this board is the only board who have had town meetings for our schools. I have gone to many of them in the past and I don't know why she would lie. What happened to the board members debating issues at board meetings. Since Poteat has come to our schools that has all stopped. I remember sitting listening to them debate back and forth. Oh debates stopped and like another person wrote they are all YES people no need to debate. We as residents must ask the board members to step down for the good of our township and schools.


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