Friday, August 20, 2010

UNofficially Winslow Receives E-mail

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Subject: Eye Contact Between Administrators

Eye Contact Between Administrators BOE meeting last night 8/17/10. The Winslow township Mayor was talking at the meeting last night. She was talking about someone covering the cameras on the buses with tape and surgical masks so know one would be able to see the people coming from Philly who work for Aramark, our new cleaning people, who she said are FELONS, in our schools with our children and staff. John Gaskill, head of transportation in charge of the buses, looks up at Garcia, she smiles more of a laugh at John Gaskill. Then John Gaskill turns to Mike Schneck sitting next to him. John Gaskill puts up his hand like he is putting a surgical mask on his face and smiles at Mike Schneck. What is so funny, so many people in on this, I wonder how many. Why wasn't John Gaskill's assistant there at the meeting? Why did he bring his assistants assistant? Mike Schneck is John Gaskill's assistant assistant. See John Gaskill has an assistant, Sandy and Mike Schneck is Sandy's assistant. Mind Boggling this BOE everyone is an assistant. Very confusing! This BOE is ruining our schools and they will be stopped!!!


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