Friday, August 20, 2010

UNofficially Winslow Receives E-mail

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Mission OneMission One the new company that is replacing our educational aides (ESA's) and teacher assistants (TA's) have turned down hiring many of fired employees saying they don't have enough experience, not qualified. The board is really giving it to them after 10 plus years of service and experience taking care of our township children, now they are saying they don't have enough experience. Yes this was their way of getting rid of the experienced aides. The BOE has the last say who Mission One hires to take care of your child. What experience will the strangers coming into our schools from Mission One have? Who is going to train Mission One since the employees with experience are no longer employed? The teachers will not have enough hours in a day to train them. None of these people have worked with special ed children because they were overheard saying during the summer school program that they didn't know the kids were so bad. Our special children are not bad. They are sweet loving children. Maybe they are being bad because they miss the Aides that they have come to love, these Mission One people are strangers, the kids don't know them. Be your child's voice at the school board meetings. You can find the schedules of the BOE meetings on Next meeting is September 1st @ 7:00 at the MS. Please check the schedule before you come, they are known to change the meetings at the last minute.


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