Friday, August 20, 2010

UNofficially Winslow Receives E-mail

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Subject: Cats in Modular Building next to the Middle School

The children from the Regional Day SchoolI heard at the school board meeting last night that the RDS kids are not going to the trailers behind the High School they are now going to the modular building next to the Middle School. As I understand from past postings this is the same building that we tax payers were paying bus drivers and bus aides to clean out, I guess Aramark doesn't clean out they just clean. I don't know what they clean I walked down the hallways at the Middle School and it is filthy. Marks all over the walls that should have been painted over the summer, with only three weeks before school starts I don't think it will get done. I really don't think the children will be going into the modular building because cats have decided to live there. If you are a cat lover they put traps to catch the cats. I don't know what kind of traps but I think of traps that you catch raccoons with. I can't even imagine the smell in the building. As you know that smell will stay until the rugs are replaced.


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