Friday, August 20, 2010

UNofficially Winslow Receives E-mail

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I went to the last board meeting and was horrified the way the board acted when our Mayor was speaking... How rude and ignorant these people
are. The way that Garcia presented herself with her stupid smirk and laughing is a total embarrassment to the entire board. And Poteat is no better.
These people are making a horrible mess for our township and school system. I think they know they are in big trouble with the state and I hope and pray they find him and Garcia guilty for all that they have done . They should both be put in prison. These people have no interest in the
education of the children in Winslow Township. All that matters to them is the almighty dollar in their pockets. I hope that the state and the prosecutor nail them to the wall. We need more support from the tax payers to get these two people out now. As for the board members they are just a bunch of Poteat and Garcias puppets. They sit up there looking stupid while those fools tell one lie after another. If they had any common sense they would speak out as to what is going on. So we have 1 teacher(retired) 1 whose boyfriend is a crack head and the rest are just plain idiots sitting on our board. They all should be ashamed of themselves. These board meetings are like watching a cartoon show..One idiot after another making fools of themselves. And then they fire good workers who care about the children and bring in felons to work around our children.
They have lost their minds if they think that we will sit back and allow this to keep happening. My word to them is enjoy it while you two idiots can because surprise surprise it will come to an end sooner than the two of you think. So laugh now Garcia because we as a township will be getting the last laugh..............


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